Cadence Tri Triathlon Team Buckley

Cadence Tri - Senior Team

Cadence Tri is a relatively young club and had grown steadily since  forming in late 2012.


The Cadence ethos has always been about having fun (why should children have it all?), supporting eachother and having bundles of enthusiasm. We are also strong believers in "if you expect to take out be prepared to put some in". In our eyes everyone has something that they can bring to the table. This allows for all members to benefit from the skills already in the club, builds cameraderie and ensures that the club will mature & go from strength to strength.  The simplist things can make the biggest difference.


The current team competes from Sprint distance through to Ironman both competively and for the sense of achievement & fun. We have a wide and varied age/gender base and we are always looking for enthusiastic people to join regardless of ability. Due to the Cadence Tristars team we're blessed with an enviable amount of coaches and, as the year progresses  the organised training sessions offered will hopefully increase.  We currently have access to fitness testing through Absolute Bikes which will develop further through 2014 together with video swim analysis.


New members have the opportunity to get on board with an enthusiastic and forward thinking team in the early days. You can help us make the club what you would like it to be!


Cadence Tri is affiliated to British Triathlon and CTT (Cycling Time Trials)