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History of Triathlon


Whilst many people think that Triathlon is a new sport its origins can be traced back to San Diego in 1974. It took 15 years for the sport to develop to the point of the UK having its First National Championships in 1983. Despite the sport growing steadily and strongly since '83 its only been in the last couple of years that Triathlon has truly dropped onto the radar with the Olympics and the exploits of the Brownlee Brothers. If you're coming into triathlon now you're joining in its most vibrant and exciting times!


Who Runs Triathlon in the GB?


The Governing body for Triathlon is British Triathlon but home nations are run by their respective body i.e Triathlon England, Welsh Triathlon & Traithlon Scotland. Cadence Tri & Cadence Tristars are affiliated to Welsh Triathlon.


None of the individual triathlon bodies run any events however. Events are run by clubs and commercial organisers but these are sanctioned, or otherwise, by the relevant traithlon body.

The components of Triathlons