Cadence Adult Tri Sessions (CATS)


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The Cadence Adult Tri Sessions (CATS) take place on a Monday night between 8pm and 10pm on a Monday night at Buckley Leisure Centre and run throughout the year.

Between 8 and 9 we run a dry session (on the doctors surgery car park) which during the summer months will incorporate some transition training. The sessions cater for all abilities and focus on technique, pre/post run routines and all those things we normally skip when going for a run!

From 9 to 10 is swim in the Leisure Centre. We have the whole pool and as with the run all abilities are catered for. The session is more than just swim sets on the boards with experienced coaches advising/correcting swim stroke and improving overall swim peformance. Throughout the year club members also benefit from video analysis.

The 2 hour (or part) CAT sessions are £6 for non members and £4 to members. Club members can also pay £10 per month on a rolling standard order which covers all Monday night sessions

During the winter months we also offer group bike riding (chaingang) on a Wednesday night. Whilst this is not a coached session they form an invaluable part of any triathletes training. These sessions are only open to club members details of which can be found on the Cadence Tri Members Facebook page.









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